The History of I.R. Iran Sports Federation for the Disabled

The History of I.R. Iran Sports Federation for the Disabled

I.R. Iran Sports Federation for the Disabled was established after the glorious Islamic Revolution of Iran, in the latest 1979.

Before the Islamic Republic of Iran Revolution, Sports for the Disabled has been governed under the supervision of Medical Federation as an inactive committee.

Due to Iraq imposed war against Iran, the number of war veterans were increased, therefore more athletes joined the Federation.

In 1980, the first competitions of the Disabled were held in Athletics, Table Tennis, Chess, Wheelchair Basketball, Sitting Volleyball and Swimming, in Tehran.  In 1980, the first coaching training courses of the sports for the Disabled were held where the trained coaches returned to their provinces to form their related sport teams.

Mr. Mahmoud Khosravi vafa was elected as the President of I.R. Iran Sports Federation for the Disabled on May, 1981. After this year, the sport events calendar of the federation was written, which paved the way for organizing coaching and refereeing training workshops and National Championships as well.     

The first official activity of the federation was dispatching I. R. Iran Disabled athletes to the World Shooting Championships in Stoke Mandeville, England, 1982. One year later, I. R. Iran Disabled Athletics Team achieved 2 silver medals in the World Championships in Stoke Mandeville.

 In 1984, I. R. Iran Disabled Sitting Volleyball Team participated in the World Competitions where it became champion in Norway and attracted so many people towards this sport.

One year later, the first Cultural-Sport Festival for the Disabled was held in 6 sports by participation of 500 athletes. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Respected President of Iran (at that time) attended in the Festival and delivered a speech among the disabled athletes which made them more motivated than before to develop their activities in the world. During these years, disabled sports efforts were under the considerations of the I.R. Iran Supreme Leader and the Government. They have been sending several greeting messages for the disabled athletes successes in different events.

Since 1985, sports for the females with a disability were established. Gradually, disabled female athletes attended in different international competitions and accompanied male athletes to promote I. R. Iran disabled sports position in the world.     

The first official and successful attendance of I.R. Iran was Seoul paralympic Games in 1988 where Sitting Volleyball and athletics teams participated and I.R.I Sports Federation for the Disabled became well known in International Level. Up to now, I. R. Iran National Teams have participated in 5 other paralympic Games of Barcelona, Atlanta, Sidney, Athens and Beijing where they have obtained a proper place in the world.  

Since 1989, I.R.I Sports Federation for the Disabled due to close cooperation of Janbazan Foundation has developed remarkably and our disabled athletes were able to achieve different medals since 1981.

I.R.I National Paralympic Committee (NPC) was established in 1992 with the aim of enhancing sports for the disabled in all the ages and with the slogan of "Sport for all". In the same year, Sports Federation for the Blind and Visually Impaired was separated from Sports Federation for the Disabled.

In 2000 decades, 15 sports field for the Disabled athletes were prioritized by the approval of the Comprehensive Plan of Federation according to its policies.    

Now, I.R. Iran Sports Federation for the Disabled has 15 active Sport Associations for males and 6 Associations for females and it has achieved 1470 different color medals out of Iran borders. 

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